Now there is a tendency when people invest or choose long-term investment high-investment projects and trust management. In practice, it turns out that short-term and medium-term projects if working with them in a long period of time do not bring more profit than long-term or low-interest investment programs. This is due to the fact that in the first two types of very high risks of losing your cash. At present, short-term haypics open in large numbers and will skip very quickly, sometimes finishing their work in 1-3 days. You better choose long-term HYIPs for investments, because this is a lower risk for your capital, and in most cases, long-term projects will allow you to make a profit if you invest at the very beginning.+ For example, here is a case of benefit: even if a long-term HYIP does not pay, when you are almost out of the break already (you got back about 80% - 90% of your money you invested), and if you are an active participant or a refender, and some profit at the expense of referral awards from the project. Work on the affiliate program significantly increases your chances to get out of the money faster and allows you to earn several times more. With short and medium-term heypes, if you want to invest in them, you should play small amounts and invest about $ 10 - $ 150, carefully check them before you want to part with your money. If you are not easy to invest, invest better in the first round and go through only 1-3 cycles, because every day the roast will smell more and more. The risk of losing funds will increase daily and one can already expect when the SCAM uncle comes