How to choose a HYIP project

Dozens of new projects are launched every day, but most of them disappear in a few days.+ Previously, people were bothering and in many ways they were selecting projects, now it practically does not work anymore, because admins have become more greedy and smart-ass. I can not guess how much the project will work out. But all the same it is worth paying attention to what is described below: One of the selection criteria for working with projects for you should be the search for expensive HYIPs, which spent a lot of time and money on the creation of the site, as well as advertising activities. It's over is a rough and general calculation for the choice, but still: if the administration of the investment project has spent a large amount of money to create it and plus to it it was funny for advertising, here investors have more chances to be in the black, because the admins need to beat their money, but it takes time. Time is money and the longer the project works, the more we earn, provided that we went into it at the start, instead of chewing snot. In general, the administrator will continue to pay investors until he collects the desired amount. Many of the hyip administrators still continue to work after collecting the desired amount. And it also happens that some expensive projects suddenly stop working if they could not attract investors and collect the money needed to continue the work, and as a rule, all this happens in a very short time. Also choose HYIPs that pay a reasonable profit. For example: 1% daily for 150 days is a reasonable and real offer, but 150% of profit after 1 day or 120% after 1 hour is not a reasonable offer. Pay attention to projects, which are invested by experienced players, bloggers and mlm-leaders. And of course, the earlier you go into the project, the more chances you have to make good money. Stick also to the inner voice or the rule: "If you piss off - do not go into the project, but if you go in - it's no longer a reference"