What is HYIP?

This is an investment program with high incomes or else they say a highly profitable investment project. A program that pays very high profits in a very short time.+ For reference, the word HYIP is the first letters from the High Yield Investment Program, in translation it seems to mean "a highly...

Dec-8-2017 03:05:20 AM


Now there is a tendency when people invest or choose long-term investment high-investment projects and trust management. In practice, it turns out that short-term and medium-term projects if working with them in a long period of time do not bring more profit than long-term or low-interest investment...

Dec-8-2017 03:24:30 AM

How to choose a HYIP project

Dozens of new projects are launched every day, but most of them disappear in a few days.+ Previously, people were bothering and in many ways they were selecting projects, now it practically does not work anymore, because admins have become more greedy and smart-ass. I can not guess how much the...

Dec-8-2017 03:21:34 AM

Types of HYIPs

High-interest HYIP (Fasts) Projects with a yield of 61% per month. The most risky kind of HYIP, work such masterpieces of less than one month, but sometimes more. A high return on investment here is accompanied by a high risk to your money. Example yield: 104% - 115% after 1 day, i.e. Profit 4% -...

Dec-8-2017 03:18:05 AM

Basic concepts, definitions, working principle

By its nature, HYIP is an investment tool and mostly online, i.e. on the Internet, where you receive a profit from your deposit according to the terms of investment tariffs or plans. This is the same as putting money in the bank and making a profit every month or yearly. But the difference between a...

Dec-8-2017 03:12:50 AM